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Everyone knows that home ownership is the American Dream. That dream can quickly become a nightmare, however, for uninformed buyers. Even newly constructed homes can harbor costly mistakes that may not be visible to the untrained eye. from "Inspect before you Invest" article on

Buying your new home is a major investment. It is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, so it requires a high value, long-term commitment.

Making that sort of investment without the benefit of an independent professional assessment simply doesn't make sense. You need to know exactly what you are buying - the good, the bad and the costly!

Whether you intend to stay in it forever or plan to move someday, chances are good that you will spend the next several years in your new home, so you need the up front status report which a professional home inspection will give you for your property.

We will provide you with an independent professional assessment which will help to to ensure that you don't come across any unexpected surprises down the road.

Please remember that, in accordance with the NACHI Code of Ethics, we are NOT licensed contractors because that would create an immediate conflict of interest which would not be in YOUR interests. Click here to read the complete NACHI Code of Ethics

We will not therefore be looking to find work for ourselves or for our friends. What we offer is an independent and unbiased report from a professionally qualified

State Licensed Certified Master Inspector

We can provide you with the professional home inspection you deserve, in any of the following areas:

Winter Haven, Lake Wales
& all of Central Florida


Avon Park




Eagle Lake

Fort Meade


Haines City

Indian Lake


Lake Alfred

Lake Hamilton




Polk City

Spirit Lake

River Ranch


Winter Garden

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WARNING: The State of Florida has only recently (May 2011) established a professional licensing system, minimum professional qualifications and minimum professional standards for home inspectors. Many of the existing home inspectors in Florida were grandfathered into the new system and it will be many years before all home inspectors are trained and qualified to the minimum professional standards required for new registrants under this new law.As a minimum, clients should always ensure that their inspector is licensed by the state; is professionally certified by the International Code Council & by the Master Inspector Certification Board; and belongs to a recognized professional association. Then you should look for independent client ratings on

When it comes to your home, we believe that only a Certified Master Inspector, who is also Licensed by the State of Florida and professionally certified by the International Code Council, has the education and experience it takes to ensure that you will receive a truly professional and independent inspection of your property.

Homeowners, whether you're buying or selling, here's a collection of resources and articles that may be of interest. .They also contain valuable information on key home maintence issues.

If you are in the market for a home inspection, check out what we inspect, and what you can expect from us

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